Grendel AR Pistol slap together

I like 6.5 Grendel.  It seems like a great replacement for the anemic 5.56 while still fitting in the standard AR.  I already have a 6.5 AR with an 18″ barrel but I was thinking another.  I never shoot long range so was thinking a short range toy with a harder hitting bullet than the old 5.55.

I decided to make the craziest all out cool AR pistol based on a Liberty 7.5″ Grendel barrel I got from Satern.  I spent a few weeks collecting parts from all over to make my ultimate pistol.  Caveat: I went for cheap ultimate here, bought a lot of Chinese stuff like UTG rails and mounts and Primary Arms red dot and 3x Magnifier, but then added some high-end bits like a JP Silent Captured Spring and slipped in a 2 stage trigger form Rock River.  For the tail end I picked up the very controversial SB15 from SigArms known as an arm brace.  Sure it looks like a stock, but I assure you it is a pistol arm brace and therefore can be legally placed on a pistol.  Top it off I picked up a Krinkov style flashhider to kill the fire-breathing dragon effect that short barrels ARs get.  To make it easy I started off with an assembled Spikes tactical Pistol lower in 5.56.  I admit I hate trying to do the mag release pin in a bare lower so this time I didn’t have to.

All the parts ready for assembly of my new 6.5 Grendel

Dropped it all on my dining room table and began to slap it together.  The over-sized milled upper I got on gunbroker caused a few issues with parts not fitting well, but after a few scratches here got it all together before dinner.

6.5 Grendel Pistol All together about an hour and a half later

Oh and I like it!  May need to fine tune the buffer springs at the range, but I am blown away with how cool this completely legal pistol is.  Its a bit heavy but very handy and feels great to hold.   It is very short!  Hard to see here but I even got a 6.5 Grendel marked Ejection Port Cover off of Ebay.  I really like the MOE Plus grip.  The UTG Quad rail was a pain but seems to work.  I had to juggle the assembly a bit and the flashhider barrel fits somewhat poorly inside it.  I may grind a bit off it and add a few extra holes to allow getting to the gas block easier.  So other than the rail this thing was a super easy assembly.  Even with that minor headache the new pistol just makes me giddy like a schoolboy on his first date.

Over all a very satisfying Saturday afternoon.